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Gifted Students

“Intellectually Gifted Children” shall mean those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process

Read our Gifted Philosophy and Mission Statement 

Characteristics of Intellectually Gifted:

  • Verbally precocious, early language development, high vocabulary, advanced verbal reasoning skills
  • Incredible memory
  • Intuitive understanding of numbers or patterns
  • Unusual ability in math at an early age, advanced puzzles skills, mechanical abilities, builds elaborate structures
  • Unusual visual spatial abilities
  • Rapid learning, little need for repetition, learns things w/o formal instruction
  • Very inquisitive, asks many in depth questions
  • Highly developed sense of humor
  • Obsessed with knowing all aspects of specific areas of interest
  • Creative thinking, divergent problem solving, advanced logical reasoning
  • Heightened sense of morality or justice; perfectionism, intensity, sensitivity, less need for sleep

Referrals may be made by teachers, parents, counselors, students or anyone aware of the intellectual abilities of the student. Referrals should be made to the student’s teacher or counselor at the school. For further information, please contact the Special Services Department at 601-835-1211.


Characteristics of Gifted Children

Gifted Instructional Management Plan

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