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Pre-K Tax Credit Donations

High-Quality Pre-K is Important 
When children start school without important skills, it becomes harder and harder for them to achieve their potential without considerable intervention. Supporting the Brookhaven Early Learning Collaborative (BELC) is a direct investment in preparing Brookhaven's youngest students! Your donation will fund resources that will significantly impact students' positive attitude toward school and love for learning. 
Individuals or corporations who make a contribution to support the local matching fund of an approved early learning collaborative may be eligible to receive a state tax credit for the donated amount up to $1 million. The Mississippi Department of Revenue can approve 1:1 tax credits up to the amount the legislature appropriates to the Early Learning Collaborative Act each year. For the fiscal year 2022, the legislature appropriated $24 million; therefore, the sum of the donations in this calendar year eligible for the tax credit may not exceed $24 million.
Donating is Easy! 
  • Submit check payable to:
Brookhaven School District
Memo: Brookhaven Early Learning Collaborative
PO BOX 540
Brookhaven, MS 39601
Upon receipt of the check, we will respond immediately with a thank you letter. A donation certificate will follow from the Mississippi Department of Education. 
When filing taxes, simply submit a copy of the donation certificate with form 80-401.
For more information, email Danny Rushing at [email protected] or call (601) 833-6661.
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