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Our Mission

Knowing that we are preparing our students today for careers of tomorrow, the Brookhaven School District is committed to ensuring a quality learning experience for every student. This experience is focused on developing analytical, strategic problem solvers who will be able to adapt to an ever-changing economic and social landscape.

Our number one priority is students. It is our belief that all students have equal moral worth and that all students can grow and learn. We commit ourselves to doing what is best for the boys and girls in each of our classrooms.

All facets of the school program shall embody the ideals which will ultimately lead to the development of critical and analytical decision-making skills, a strong work ethic, constructive citizenship, and recognition of the worth of other individuals.

About Us

The Brookhaven School District strives year after year to complete each child’s education with the highest standards. Our community believes that all children and youth have equal moral worth and that their education is the responsibility of everyone. The home, school, church, and community share in giving our children a firm foundation on which to grow.