Brookhaven School District

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Where Do We Stand?

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Results from May 2016
School District Spring 2016 Score Test Takers
Lincoln County Schools
672 245
Bogue Chitto School 682 56
Enterprise School 660 76
Loyd Star School 660 60
West Lincoln School 693 53
Brookhaven School District 710 256
Mamie Martin Elementary School 710 256
* Data from Mississippi Department of Education Website
What do the numbers mean according to MDE?
Late Emergent Reader 488-674
Student can identify most of the letters of the alphabet and can match most of the letters to their sounds. The student is also beginning to "read" picture books and familiar words around the home. Through repeated reading of favorite books with an adult, students at this stage are building their vocabularies, listening skills, and understandings of print.
Transitional Reader 675-774 Student has mastered alphabet skills and letter-sound relationships. The student can identify many beginning and ending consonant sounds and long and short vowel sounds, and is probably able to blend sounds and word parts to read simple words. The student is also likely using a variety of strategies to figure out words, such as pictures, story patterns, and phonics.