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Eclipse Preparations

To ensure the safety of our students, we will need to keep our elementary and Jr. High students, grades PreK-8, inside the buildings during the eclipse hours of 12:00 until the end of the usual normal school day, on Monday, August 21. Principals will limit movement after lunch to protect our students. No outside viewing of the eclipse is allowed without Principal approval. Teachers will inform all students, grades PreK-12, about the eclipse and how looking at the sun without protective eye glasses can cause severe eye damage and blindness. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about this event and the injuries that can result from looking directly at the sun without protective eye glasses. Some live streaming of the event will occur where facilities and technology are available.
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Reading Fair News

New guidelines and deadlines are here for Reading Fair, Pre-k to 12th grade. Click the link to view these 2017 guidelines. One exciting addition...Digital Media presentations are allowed this year as an alternative to the Storyboard project format in Grades 6 and up. Additional changes...School Fairs must be held between September 1 and October 31. The District Fair must be held by November 17. The regional competition will be held in Hattiesburg in January, and MDE has now brought back the state competition. It will take place in February. School fair dates: Martin-October 19, BES-October 18, Lipsey-October 18, AJH-October 25, BHS-October 26
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Question Stems

Teachers, need help writing a question that matches the rigor of the standards? Parents, want to see what a sample test question might look like? Click this link to have a look at question stems for ELA and math.


Beginning March, 1, 2017, we will be accepting applications for our 4K preschool program.
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Student Safety

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, the Brookhaven School District is now requiring individuals to present a photo ID when checking out students from any BSD campus. Thank you for your support.

Where Do We Stand?

MDE releases Kindergarten Readiness scores and Brookhaven School District scores HIGHEST out of all Lincoln County Schools! #‎weareolebrook
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